Hello World

January 02, 2021

If someone creates a new blog and doesn’t have a “Hello World” post, does it really exist?

Welcome to the TurboAPI blog! As is traditional it starts off with this Hello World post. So I thought I’d take the chance to go through why I’m starting this blog and what content you can expect here.

Why I’m doing this

Many of you may know me from my blog at joshghent.com - where I blog primarily about software development. This blog will be similar but I wanted this to go under the hat of “TurboAPI” as a company - you know for the sweet SEO nectar.

Primarily this is down to wanting to publish research from analytics of TurboAPI as well as case studies from customers. Additionally however, I want to build a bank of performance related articles that will help any performance-conscious individual on their journey to “1ms nirvana”. I hope that I can shed some unique insights and share specific advice on how to improve your applications performance. A major problem, I have faced is that articles on performance are vague and generalist is - even ones for specific frameworks or languages. The reason for this of course is that, applications vary wildly and so do their performance woes. However, I believe (perhaps madly), that nearly everything modern software developers build is buy and large the same.

What??? How is all software the same?

Think about it, when was the last time you developed an API that wasn’t REST, had JSON responses and probably got data from an SQL database. Or, an application that didn’t revolve around the idea of managing item - whether they be products in a shopping basket, pupils in a school or contacts for campaigns. If you look at those examples and genuinely think you’re developing something new, then I guess you’re working at SpaceX or Neuralink. Joking aside, most applications are the same. Yes there is lots of grey and people who do develop truly bespoke software - but they are few and far between in my experience.

This blog then is aimed at those that make up the majority of app developers. The ones who live and breath CRUD, battle with third party vendors, and LEFT JOIN tables like their life depends on it.

What you can expect

Hopefully by the tone of this post, you know not to take things too seriously. But here’s what you can expect.

  • Specific, actionable performance improvements you can make
  • Advice on how to study and monitor performance in a variety of different cases
  • Performance Automation tips
  • AWS scalability performance
  • Performance war stories
  • TurboAPI customer use cases
  • TurboAPI analytics and studies

New posts will be up each week so they’ll always be something new for you to sink your teeth into. If you’ve got an idea or would like to share you performance war stories, hit me up on Twitter @turboapi